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Latest News

+ 05/18/2016  universalfirearms.com discontinued hosting on MetroPlex Communications.
+ 04/16/2015  mtrplx.com & all hosted domains upgraded to 50Mbps / 50Mbps.
10/20/2014  universalfirearms.com now being hosted by MetroPlex Communications.
+ 10/17/2014  newcantonrestaurantri.com discontinued hosting on MetroPlex Communications.
+ 10/15/2013  newcantonrestaurantri.com now being hosted by MetroPlex Communications.
+ 11/02/2012  Power resumed to main server at 8:46am (08:46 EDT).  Total downtime: 3 days, 15 hours, 18 minutes.
+ 10/29/2012  Power loss of main server's APC UPS as a result of Hurricane Sandy at 5:28pm. (17:28 EDT)
08/29/2011  Power resumed to main server at 1:13pm (13:13 EDT).  Total downtime: 1 day, 3 hours, 48 minutes.

+ 08/28/2011  Power loss of main server's APC UPS as a result of Tropical Storm Irene at 9:25am. (09:25 EDT)
+ 08/06/2010  asimmonslocksmith.com now being hosted by MetroPlex Communications.
+ 12/03/2009  mtrplx.com & all hosted domains upgraded to business FiOS service with effective speeds of
                      35Mbps / 25Mbps.  All hosted domains upgraded to 100 simultaneous connections.

+ 02/28/2008  Main mail and web server replaced with new Dell PowerEdge R805.
+ 02/21/2008  Power supply dies on main mail and web server.  Thankfully, no data lost or corrupted.
+ 08/13/2006  bobnoc.net domain expires due to lack of Bob Chmura's interest.
+ 01/22/2005  Programmed the Bob Chmura Asshole Quiz - Take The Quiz Now!
+ 11/04/2004  Configured sendmail to access Spamhaus for RBL lookups. Spamhaus
+ 10/27/2004  ntpd configured and running to query 6 stratum-1 time servers. www.nist.gov
+ 09/15/2004  In process of reconfiguring & testing SIO drivers on MetroPlex BBS system to accept telnet
                      connections instead of modem connections.

+ 09/13/2004  Apache installed, configured and running (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.) www.apache.org
+ 09/12/2004  sendmail compiled, installed, configured and running. www.sendmail.org
+ 09/12/2004  Nameserver for mtrplx.com up, configured and running (otherwise you wouldn't be here.)

About Us

     MetroPlex Communications is currently a network services provider.  Everything from hosting DNS to providing email services to web hosting and more.  SSH Tunnelling is provided for secure connections as well as for anonymous proxy services.  For a history of MetroPlex Communications, please see below:

     MetroPlex started as a small, one node BBS in Rhode Island around the middle of June, 1994.  It originally ran Telegard under DOS 3.1 on a Packard Bell 286
with 1MB of memory and a 60MB HD.  About a year later the system was transferred to a 133Mhz Pentium with 48MB of memory and an 8GB HD.  It also switched to running PCBoard instead of Telegard.

     Being a free, public access BBS offering a multitude of registered door games (some with multi-BBS play), free internet email & Usenet newsgroups (piped in via UUCP), Fidonet mail and tons of files, it quickly grew to hundreds of users.  Too many, in fact, for the one telephone line that it had.  Another node was added to handle the increasing amount of callers and to account for the longer periods of time they were spending online.  It also switched to running OS/2 Warp 4 to multitask and for stability.

     MetroPlex (and its sole Sysop, Stephen E Shoesmith) enjoyed very good times and provided alot of entertainment for many of its users.  It also provided a meeting place and chat board for those looking to join up with others having the same interests.  Not being a BBS run for profit and not being controlled by senseless rules, users were allowed to speak their mind and have a good time.

     As with all things good, it came to an end.  At the time, most BBSes in RI were the realm of kids enjoying their hobby.  Kids grow up, go to college, move away, etc.  The internet grew exponentially in popularity and also drew people's attention away from the BBS scene.  In March of 2003 (about a year short of its 10th anniversary), MetroPlex powered down.  Why?

     Due to lack of time on my part and a waning BBS scene, the decision was made to close up shop until I could find more time.  The time I was devoting to the BBS wasn't adequate to be fair to its remaining users.  Improvements that keep users calling back and interested weren't being made and the system was falling into a state of neglect.

     Now, however, more time is becoming available.  And, more importantly, my desire to bring MetroPlex back and make it better and more interesting is getting too strong to ignore.

     I still have the original MetroPlex system in the same state it was in when it was powered down.  As I have time I will be bringing MetroPlex up as a telnet BBS.  Running my own mail server as I do will also allow me to pipe email for users into the BBS as well.

     Stay tuned to the Latest News section for developments.  I will also be adding web pages to this site containing file lists of all of MetroPlex's file directories for download over HTTP, just in case your zmodem implementation doesn't work over telnet very well.

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